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  • 30 Min.
  • 55 Euro
  • Kalari Berlin


PLEASE .... do not book this treatment if you do not have a prescription from an Ayurveda therapist or doctor. After a massage with us or a consultation, the client will be able to schedule this treatment. We preserve the responsibility we have when treating our dear customers. Greetings Dr. Sidhanth and Ther. Mariane S. The Agnikarma (Thermal Microcautery) technique on the other hand, is a highly effective treatment for musculoskeletal diseases providing quick relief without side effects or complications. It is a minimally invasive cost effective procedure that can reduce the need for surgical interventions. What are all the conditions treated with Agnikarma? > Painful conditions of bones and joints. > Joint stiffness > Muscle spasm > Tennis elbow > Calcaneal spur > Plantar fasciitis > Osteoarthritis > Headache > Sciatica > Early stages of Hernia > To remove the wart > To excise the corn from the heel > To excise the external piles > Disc prolapse > Low back ache > Trigger thumb > To remove the mucocele of lip, tongue etc > To excise some extra growths of skin and muscle > For the excision of fistula tracks, etc. How Agnikarma(cauterization) helps to relieve the pain? Here the heat, which is transferred to skin acts by removing the obstruction in the Srotas(minute channela) and increases the blood circulation to the affected site. The rate of any metabolic activity is increased by a rise in temperature. From the therapeutic point of view with an appropriate rise in temperature, all cell activity increases, including dilatation of vessels, cell motility, synthesis and release of chemical mediators. More blood circulation, flushes away the inflammation and patient gets relief from the symptoms. Afferent nerves stimulated by heat is having an analgesic effect by acting on the gate control mechanism. Is there any contraindication for Agnikarma (cautery)? Persons of Pitta prakruti, emaciated, children, old aged, sensitive, pregnant, multiple ulcers in the body, anemic, obesed, indigestion, alcoholic, poison affected, low immunity etc are not recommended for this therapy.

Umbuchung & Kündigung

Spätbuchung bis 2 Stunden vor der Sitzung oder per SMS/Whatsapp sich melden 017643922289


  • Marienburger Str. 8, Berlin, Deutschland


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